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City and County of San Francisco Hetch Hetchy Water Treatment Project



When the San Francisco Public Utilities Commission (SFPUC) initiated the Hetch Hetchy Water Treatment Project, it was envisioned that its major component would be a new filtration facility for the Hetch Hetchy supply at a project cost of $400 million. However, during 1992, the San Francisco Water Team with F.E. Jordan Associates as principal Joint Venture member and SFPUC staff negotiated with the California Department of Health Services (DHS) for the unfiltered status of the Hetch Hetchy supply, one of the best in the world. Phase I, began in April 1993, identified groups of alternative improvements which might be needed to provide long-term compliance with the DHS agreement. Phase II provides for evaluation, development and presentation of site specific requirements for Tesla Portal, Alameda East Portal, San Antonio Pump Station (SAPS), Alameda West Portal, Pulgas and the Harry W. Tracy Water Treatment Plant (HTWTP). The joint venture is currently undertaking the 10% design for chloramination of Hetch Hetchy system (Tesla Portal and downstream), including chlorine, ammonia feeds and dechlorination and dechloramination facilities and related appurtenances. These appurtenances include, roads, buildings, infrastructure, utilities, etc. at six sites.

Firm’s Role

FEJA is responsible for design of utilities, roads, parking, and hydraulics at each site as well as attending meetings, report writing, and schedule/cost estimating.