NBA Engineering, Inc. has been providing award winning mechanical & electrical engineering design and construction management services since 1994. NBA has offices in San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles. NBA is a WBE/DBE/UDBE/LBE/SBE/SLEB/CBE with offices in San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles and we have LEED Accredited professionals on staff.


Oakland Army Base Oakland, California

This project consisted of reviewing the gas and electrical power drawings and previous gas leakage test results for the site, providing site survey and determining the existing gas and electrical services available at the site and extra capacities that can be used for future expansion.

Alameda Point Buildings - Alameda, California

NBA provided fire supervision system study and design for Buildings 20, 21, and 22. Reviewed existing drawings and evaluated the existing sprinkler system in the three buildings. NBA also provided preliminary plans and specifications for the sprinkler system.

Booster Pump Station San Francisco

This project consisted of demolition of all electrolyte cooling circulating pumps and installing four new city-furnished medium voltage adjustable frequency drive motor controllers. Inspected installation of variable frequency drives for 900HP sewage lift pump motors, installation of one new motor and four reconditioned motors and U.P.S. system, grounding system, and installation of machine monitoring system for all four motors.

Central Utility Plant Oakland International Airport Oakland, California

Prime Consultant for the new central utility plant at Oakland Airport's new T2 two-level terminal complex. Hired and managed the architect, structural and civil engineers, and other sub consultants. Consulted on green and sustainable design for the new central utility plant, required to accommodate the future needs of the new expanded terminal and additional facilities.

Hunters Point Dry Utilities San Francisco, California

Approximately 1,600 residential units will mark the first construction on the 500-acre formal Naval Shipyard. NBA provided plans and specs for routing of the electrical/gas joint or single trenches to include power and gas. Provided details of these underground trenches and location of the man holes. Provided gas electrical load calculations for the entire site and specs for electrical power supply requirement.

Hyde Street Harbor Water Side Facility San Francisco, California

Phase one we provided preliminary design and study for bilge water collection and sewage collection system, connection to existing oil water separator and pump out system. Phase two consisted of detail design and construction support of all items in phase one which consists of providing water, power and lighting to each berth, parking lot lighting, drainage system and pump station. Fire protection provided at each berth.

San Francisco PUC Joint Trench San Francisco, California

The San Francisco Public Utilities Commission will use hydroelectric and solar power to help power the 1,600 new housing units and 300,000 square feet of commercial and retail space going up on a 93-acre site in the former Hunters Point Naval Shipyard. Estimated connected and maximum demand loads for the developments. Added load for street and traffic lighting. Provided site plan showing 12KV routing, including service point locations. Provided spreadsheet listing major equipment including brief equipment description and quantity and cost estimates.

San Francisco Red Light Photo Enforcement- San Francisco, California

Our firm completed the design of electrical drawings for the installation of a photo enforcement camera and completed field construction inspections of 21 intersections to verify as-built conditions. We then determined the most cost effective method for connecting the cameras and loop detectors.

SFPUC Construction Management San Francisco, California

As part of an On Call Contract with the San Francisco Public Utility Commission, NBA received a variety of technical service orders, including a feasibility study of adding new substations for MUNI on Third Street versus purchasing power from a PG&E remote location and paying a "wheeling" fee. Other work included reviewing drawings and specifications, site surveying, feasibility studies and other engineering services.

Treasure Island Natural Gas System Analysis San Francisco, California

Reviewed existing files (drawings and specifications), surveyed site, and provided complete load analysis to determine the existing gas distribution capacity. Also provided preliminary drawings and cost estimate for new gas service to buildings without gas service.