NBA Engineering, Inc. has been providing award winning mechanical & electrical engineering design and construction management services since 1994. NBA has offices in San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles. NBA is a WBE/DBE/UDBE/LBE/SBE/SLEB/CBE with offices in San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles and we have LEED Accredited professionals on staff.


T2 Mechanical Room Oakland International Airport Oakland, California

T2 Mechanical Room Oakland International Airport - Oakland, California The $1.4 billion airport expansion project includes a new two-level terminal complex with 12 additional aircraft gates, a central food, beverage and retail shopping area, rental car facilities, a 6,000 sq. ft. space multi-level parking garage and a two-level terminal access roadway system. NBA designed the new central plant (T2 Mechanical Room). The boilers in the mechanical room will serve the Terminal 12 with its expansion, modifications and extension. The chillers are sized to serve half of the entire future airport expansion. The emergency generators will be sized to serve T2 expansion, extension and modifications and the new parking garage with its office. The switchgears will serve the equipment in this central plant as well as T2 expansion, modification and extension. NBA was prime consultant for the new central utility plant (T2 Mechanical Room), which will serve the current Terminal Two and future expansions. NBA hired and managed the architect, structural and civil engineers, and other sub consultants and designed the Mechanical and Electrical systems using high-energy efficient equipment. Participated on green and sustainable design for this new central utility plant that accommodates the future needs of the new expanded terminal and additional facilities. This project obtained LEED Silver Rating. Oakland’s Terminal 2 recently became "the first airport passenger terminal in the United States to be awarded Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council." LEED Silver Certification of Oakland’s Terminal 2 extension and renovation was based on a number of green design and construction features that positively impact the project itself and the broader community. These features include:

  • Energy efficiency measures that exceed California energy standards by 25% and reduce carbon emissions by an estimated 211 tons per year.
  • Diversion from landfills of more than 80% of jobsite waste, by recycling or reusing scrap drywall, metal, plywood, carpet, and other materials.
  • Water conservation measures yielding 24% less water use than in a similar conventional building.
  • Selections of paint, carpet, glue, cabinetry, and plywood products that emit few or no volatile organic compounds, or VOC’s – the stuff that gives paint that strong smell- and are therefore better for the environment and our traveling public than conventional products.
  • An advanced stormwater treatment system that channels runoff into plant-filled ditches, or swales, providing a natural filtering system that removes pollutants before the water reaches the San Francisco Bay.
  • Innovations such as a "Green Housekeeping" program to reduce environmental and health impacts of cleaning products and chemicals used in the terminals.

Construction Management Services for the Industrial Waste Water Treatment Plant at SFO–San Francisco, CA The existing state-of-the-art Mel Leong Treatment Plant is a combined sanitary sewer and industrial waste water treatment plant. NBA Engineering is a Prime Joint Venture with PMA Consultants to provide bridging documents to be issued for the design build phase of the project. NBA’ task will be providing HVAC, Plumbing, Electrical Power & Emergency Power, Bridging Documents as well as Design Management. We have brought on board CH2M Hill for the design of the treatment process of the project. We provide a comprehensive project control and reporting system capable of complying with the reporting requirements mandated for federally-funded projects.

Air Train Maintenance and Storage Facility San Francisco, California

NBA provided project management, engineering services and supervision of HVAC, plumbing and fire protection systems for the retrofit of an existing 75,000 sq. ft., 3-story multi-use building. The facility building consisted of air-train maintenance facilities, electrical power distribution system stations and electrical rooms.

Bay Area Rapid Transit Line and Track San Francisco, California

NBA Engineering was responsible for the system-wide raceway design and construction cost estimate for BART’s 8.2-mile, 4-station extension serving San Francisco International Airport. This included drawings and specifications for installation of all 8.2 miles of duct banks, raceways, conduits and lateral conduit up to gap breakers, switching stations, and traction power substations.

BART Maintenance Shop Facility Concord, California

NBA designed HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, electrical power, lighting distribution, fire alarm systems, cost estimating and construction staging for a new 45,000 sq. ft. shop next to existing. We also provided design for mechanical equipment such as: car hoists, a truck lift, an overhead crane, a jib crane, welding hoods, dust collectors, compressed air and a grease oil separator. Our firm also provided design for retrofitting the existing shop HVAC, plumbing and electrical systems.

BART Hayward Shop Hayward, California

Designed electrical, power, lighting, fire alarm, detection, telephone, and data systems for the component Repair Shop expansion. Title 24 energy calculation was performed and energy measures were considered in selecting the lighting fixtures both indoors and outdoors. Provided field surveys and prepared as-built drawings.

BART Intermodal Police Station Daly City, California

NBA designed HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, lighting, power, intrusion alarm detection and closed circuit television systems for a police station and pedestrian tunnel. We also provided a sump-pumping system, exterior lighting for parking lots and pedestrian walkways.

BART Extension Colma, California

Our firm provided an under-car fire protection deluge system including valving in tunnel wall niches. We designed and provided tunnel lighting design and walkway lighting for train operators. NBA provided traction power and communications/signaling raceways from the new substation to all contact rail connection points between the Colma station and the end of the tunnel.

Boarding Area G San Francisco Airport South San Francisco, California

NBA provided the Mechanical, Electrical, and Fire protection services for this three story building plus mechanical penthouse with a gross square footage of 368,000. Provided construction inspection and cost estimation which included verification and negotiation of change order proposals by the contractor for different disciplines including HVAC, Plumbing and Fire protection.

Caltrans, Dominguez Channel Bridge- Carson, CA

NBA provided construction inspection services for a seismic retrofit of Dominguez Channel at the Intersection of Route 110, near Carson City. Caltrans, District 59- Southern CANBA provided construction inspection services for bridge, highway and overpass seismic retrofits for different projects in District 59 as part of an open-ended contract.

Corporate Yard, New Maintenance Service Facility- South San Francisco, CA

NBA provided mechanical and electrical design for a 45,000 sq. ft., one-story facility to be utilized for maintenance, office, and storage use. The yard included a paint shop, machine shop, and vehicle maintenance facilities. Our firm provided engineering design for HVAC, plumbing, ventilation, lighting, power, emergency generator, exterior lighting and electrical systems. Title 24 documentation was completed for both the mechanical and electrical systems.

Hyde Street Harbor Water Side Facility San Francisco, California

Phase one we provided preliminary design and study for bilge water collection and sewage collection system, connection to existing oil water separator and pump out system. Phase two consisted of detail design and construction support of all items in phase one which consists of providing water, power and lighting to each berth, parking lot lighting, drainage system and pump station. Fire protection provided at each berth.

Islais Creek MUNI San Francisco, California

Phase I: NBA provided mechanical, electrical and plumbing design for MUNI’s new CNG fuel system facility. The building is a 16 bay bus operation facility with a tire shop, wash building, dispensing station, meet and greet facility, bus storage and employee parking lot. Phase II: NBA will also provide mechanical/electrical and plumbing design for a MUNI administration building adjacent to the bus facility.

MUNI LRV2 Facility Modifications- San Francisco, CA

Our firm also conducted load studies and provided single line diagrams for all three buildings. NBA provided various strategies to accommodate present and future electrical loads and methods of connections through modifications to two 1500 KVA 12KV-277/480V substations and the low voltage distribution systems by adding and locating new sub-panels and adding circuit breakers in the main switchboard.

Oakland Airport Energy Management System Oakland, CA

Provided total replacement of the existing automatic temperature control system. The new building management system is completely web-based and will provide monitoring and control of all HVAC equipment and facility lighting. Also designed a replacement for an existing chiller and cooling tower with all mechanical and electrical engineering services involved through construction.

San Francisco Red Light Photo Enforcement - San Francisco, California

Our firm completed the design of electrical drawings for the installation of a photo enforcement camera and completed field construction inspections of 21 intersections to verify as-built conditions. We then determined the most cost effective method for connecting the cameras and loop detectors.