NBA Engineering, Inc. has been providing award winning mechanical & electrical engineering design and construction management services since 1994. NBA has offices in San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles. NBA is a WBE/DBE/UDBE/LBE/SBE/SLEB/CBE with offices in San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles and we have LEED Accredited professionals on staff.


Avalon Bay at Mission Bay San Francisco, California

NBA participated in the original design which consisted of three buildings: a 17 story high-rise, a 9 story mid rise, and a 5 story low rise with subterranean parking totaling about 424,000 sq ft. Due to budget issues and market conditions only the high rise has been built so far. NBA Engineering Inc. responsibilities included: electrical design, power, lighting, emergency power, and fire alarm systems. Also provided Title 24 energy calculations for lighting, performance specifications, calculations to determine required capacity of power, and provisions for security and telecom systems. This was a design build project.

Catellus Bay at Mission Bay San Francisco, California

10,000 square feet of ground floor commercial and 290 residential units in three mixed use buildings (high, medium and low rise) and subterranean parking structures in Mission Bay San Francisco. Provided HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, electrical power, lighting, emergency power and Title 24 energy calculations for lighting and envelope design. Prepared performance specifications for electrical systems. Provided calculations to determine required capacity of power and gas lines.

Courtside Village Santa Rosa, California

Courtside Village is a 70 acre urban housing project in Santa Rosa, CA. The core area is planned with 30,000 sq. ft. of neighborhood commercial and apartments above. Live/ work units will be offered along the core area. Homes will range from 1100 sq. ft. to 2400 sq. ft. The village will include multi-family rental units. In addition to homes, a church, school and a tennis/ health club are planned.

Dudley Apartments San Francisco, California

Built in 1913 as the former Dudley Hotel, the property once contained 110 SRO units. In 1989, this building was significantly damaged in the earthquake and in the late 90’s sustained a fire that displaced all the residents.It will contain a total of 75 units and 6,400 square feet of ground floor commercial space and a basement. The San Francisco Redevelopment Agency was involved in this project.

Natoma Residential Building San Francisco, California

NBA provided HVAC, plumbing, fire protection, electrical power distribution, lighting, telecommunication and fire alarm systems design for two apartment buildings (4-story and 5-story) 78 units consisting of studios, two/three bedroom, townhouses and a daycare center. This was a San Francisco Redevelopment Agency Project.

Providence Senior Housing San Francisco, California

This is a 5 story, 57,000sq. ft. (including garage) building with 50 units of senior housing. This project includes interaction with the Fire Marshall, PG&E, and San Francisco Water and Sewer Department. NBA provided preliminary design of HVAC, plumbing, electrical power, lighting emergency lighting. NBA also outlined specifications for fire alarm system.

St Regis Museum Tower San Francisco, California

Poured in place and architectural pre-cast concrete 5 star hotel, condominium and museum. Includes 269 high end hotel rooms, 102 luxury condominiums, 3 story Museum of African Diaspora, and a four-level subterranean garage below the building. NBA designed HVAC, plumbing, fire protection and reviewed electrical power, lighting, emergency power, and fire alarm system and telephone and communications systems.

Wildhorse Apartments Davis, California

NBA designed the HVAC, mechanical, plumbing and fire protection systems for a new, 78 unit, and affordable multi-family residential apartment complex. This 11-building complex of two and three story buildings contains a community/recreation building, pool and spa. Our team specified an energy efficient combination water heater and space heating system that eliminated the need for gas space heating.

666 Ellis Street Towers San Francisco, California

The 13 Story Ellis Street Tower has a community room and offices on the first and second floors, and floors 3-12 are one-bedroom apartments and studios. Our task for this project was to provide construction documents for plumbing system retrofit including ADA compliance for handicapped units.

North Beach Apartments, San Francisco, California

Renovated outdoor sewer piping & balcony drainage for North Beach Apartments Site, which consisted of 13 buildings and 229 family units. Cost estimate was provided for the Construction of the project. Construction Phase was provided based on meetings with the tenants & the SFHA staff to determine what was the most cost-effective way of relocating tenants during the construction.

Potrero Annex San Francisco, California

Researched and designed improvements to the site water distribution system as well as monitored hydronic testing. Provided construction documents and cost estimate for replacing all plumbing fixtures to 269-units apartment buildings. Upgraded main panel, overhead secondary and piping overhead services to 23 housing apartment buildings at Potrero Annex, as well as adding a new laundry room. We interacted with the San Francisco Fire Marshall and San Francisco Building Department for this project.

388 Townsend Street San Francisco, California

New five story new market rate condominium. NBA Engineering Inc. provided the complete plumbing and fire protection design. The heating system consisted of gas fire places. Plumbing fixtures were selected by the architect and reviewed by NBA. NBA also coordinated with the other disciplines and responded to plan check comments and was involved in permitting with the San Francisco Building Department and the San Francisco Fire Marshall.

4800 3RD Street San Francisco, California

This is a 5 story, 57,000sq. ft. (including garage) building with 50 units of senior housing There are total of four retail spaces with 5,200 sq. ft. Provided HVAC design, risers, mains and shaft spaces and physical requirements of HVAC, plumbing and fire protection. Met with Fire Marshall, responded to plan check comments from S.F. Building Department, met with water and sewer department for utilities requirement, met with PG&E for electrical transformer sizing and locating.

Holy Family Day Home San Francisco, California

NBA is providing MEP design services as part of the CCS Architecture team. The new facility will enable the Day Home to serve an additional 50 needy children, increasing the capacity to 170 comparable with other early education facilities in the Bay Area. The facility will provide an after-hours meeting and learning space for the community and will re-establish a landmark at an historic location.