NBA Engineering, Inc. has been providing award winning mechanical & electrical engineering design and construction management services since 1994. NBA has offices in San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles. NBA is a WBE/DBE/UDBE/LBE/SBE/SLEB/CBE with offices in San Francisco, Oakland and Los Angeles and we have LEED Accredited professionals on staff.


Firm Profile

NBA Engineering, Inc. has been providing award winning mechanical & electrical engineering design and construction management services since 1994. NBA has offices in San Francisco, Oakland, and in Los Angeles on Wilshire Boulevard. NBA provides a wide range of MEP expertise including HVAC, LEED and sustainability, plumbing & fire protection design; lighting, electrical and emergency power, cogeneration, and alternative energy design. NBA also provides a wide range of construction management services from pre-construction phase to final commissioning.

Skill Set

NBA has licensed mechanical & electrical engineers, LEED Accredited Professionals, C-20 Contracting license, Value Engineering specialist, and experienced project and construction managers. Since we are designers and construction managers, we have a unique perspective that provides us valuable insight to improve construction performance, saving time and money without sacrificing the function or aesthetics of the project. NBA has extensive experience in several project areas including: public-works; housing; education; utilities; green and sustainable design; transportation; multi-use facilities; high rise; and other types of projects such as historical, parks, and commercial.


Prior to developing cost effective solutions, we work closely with our clients to understand project-specific issues, and continue that dialogue throughout the study and design phases. NBA’s performance is verified in the satisfaction expressed by our clients regarding our adherence to the schedule and contract budget. All assignments are approached comprehensively, utilizing sound technical principles and cost saving solutions. NBA has a proven in house Quality Assurance Quality Control program to ensure the highest quality deliverables are sent on time and within budget. Communication and coordination are critical to smooth project delivery. NBA encourages and participates in multidiscipline coordination meetings with the owner and/or architect. Early participation by consultants and contractors results in improved project delivery. We pay special attention to the contractor’s input of constructability as well as value engineering. In addition, before each formal submittal our designated QA/QC personnel will apply our in house QA/QC program to the project.

Mechanical Engineering

Heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration system design, Central plant design (chilled water, hot water, steam), Computer room and clean room design, Energy management and control systems, Feasibility studies, building surveys, audits; Fire, humidity and smoke control, Fuel system design, Domestic hot and cold water and gas supply Plumbing, fire protection design, Underground fuel storage tank design, and Title 24 energy compliance.

Electrical Engineering

Area and roadway lighting design, Building surveys and energy studies, Building surveys and report preparation, Interior & exterior lighting design, Electrical power (Low and medium voltage) system design, Emergency power & lighting system design, Security system design, Fire alarm system design, Telecommunication system design, and Title 24 lighting compliance.

Construction Management

Value engineering, Cost estimating, Scheduling, Bidability review, As built drawings, Constructability review, Contract administration, Resident engineering, Mechanical inspection, and Electrical inspection.

LEED Green Design

Commissioning, Energy Audit, Energy Management System design, Grey water system design, LEED Rating or LEED equivalent design, Solar Power (domestic hot water, swimming pool heating), Specify low flow/efficient fixtures, Renewable energy (photo voltaic), Assist in preparation of LEED templates/documents.

Other Services

NBA also provides tenant improvement design, design build services, expert witness testimony, and other engineering consulting and design services. Please call (415) 202–9840 if you if you need expertise not listed here.

United States Green Building Council / LEED Certification

NBA Engineering, Inc. was one of the first MEP design firms to have LEED Accredited Professionals on staff and NBA joined the United States Green Building Council in its infancy. NBA remains an early adapter of green technology working with vendors, clients, engineering peers to promote, advance, and advocate for increasing energy efficiency, water conservation, solar technology, and other sustainable environmentally sound solutions for buildings, schools, and other projects.

NBA was part of original team for initial Green project

NBA took part in the demonstration project that started the LEED trend working on the Lakeview Terrace Branch Library in Los Angeles, California. The 10,700 sq. ft. Lakeview Library was completed in 2003. Green features included photovoltaic cells providing 15 percent of the electricity need. High efficiency irrigation systems reduce site water usage by 50 percent; high efficiency interior fixtures reduce water use by 30 percent.

NBA advocates, educates, and promotes Green Design

NBA has been a part of numerous award-winning projects (as prime consultant) including Oakland’s Terminal 2 which recently became "the first airport passenger terminal in the United States to be awarded Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Silver Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council," UCSF Mission Bay Campus Community Center, BART to SFO, the San Francisco Old Mint and many others. Several public schools, the Alameda Juvenile Justice Center as well as other projects with LEED equivalent sustainable features. We encourage every client, owner, and project team to incorporate as many green building - energy conservation – environmentally sensible features as possible. We are also currently working on LEED rated condominiums, green public power in San Francisco and other exciting state of the art green design.

Historical Landmark gets cutting edge technology Greening the Old Mint

The San Francisco Old Mint will be the oldest historical building in the United States with a LEED certification. It is exciting to incorporate the latest sustainable design features while at the same time respecting the historical integrity of the building and maintaining its Landmark building status.

NBA Environmental Conservation Policy

NBA has a written environmental policy goal to create an environment-conscious workplace. This includes waste reduction, reuse and recycling, energy and resource conservation, etc. All NBA offices recycle paper, cans, and other goods; office lighting is the latest energy efficient type. Every small action helps.

Unlimited Potential for Sustainable Buildings

In the beginning the higher upfront costs of sustainable design prevented some owners from going green. Today upfront costs with incentives and planning are no longer impeding green features. In fact the market place is demanding green offices, green housing, and green schools. Having only one earth with limited natural resources is enough incentive to go green. That and the engine of economic benefits for builders/owners/end users will drive exciting new sustainable and environmentally sound buildings and systems for the future.

Schools and Green Design

The best investment a society can make is to provide clean, safe, healthy schools to enhance the learning environment for students and teachers. Education is vital to our future. Research studies show that green and sustainable design has an overwhelming impact on the health and productivity of students. Day lighting and indoor air quality are key components. There are numerous studies from well respected researchers demonstrating the incredible benefits of green design.

Green Design is not just for schools

Green schools use, on average, 30-50% less energy. Green schools use, on average, 30% less water. Studies show an average of 38.5% reduction in asthma in schools with improved indoor air quality. Students in full-spectrum light were healthier, attending school 3.2 to 3.8 days more per year. Students in full-spectrum light had 9 times less dental decay than students attending schools with average light. Study of over 21,000 students showed a dramatic correlation between day lit school environments and student performance including 20% faster progression in math and 26% faster progression in reading.

Healthier and More Productive Buildings for less money

According to studies by the American Lung Association one third of all buildings have serious indoor air quality problems. According to a study by the USGBC poor indoor air quality in U.S. causes annual loss of $15 billion in worker productivity. U.S. residential duct leakage costs consumers $5 billion annually while proper duct sealing can reduce home heating and air-conditioning costs a great deal.

From California

The State of California Solar or Wind Energy System Credit and the Emerging Renewable Programs are two of many tax incentives and rebates the State has to offer. Section 73 of the California Revenue and Taxation Code allows a property tax exemption for certain types of solar energy systems installed on or before December 31, 2009.

Other Agency Incentives

Alameda P&T offers $25,000 for energy efficient building design and equipment in new commercial construction. A design team can receive up to $50,000 for energy efficient design, while an owner can receive up to $150,000 per facility with the New Construction Cash Incentives and Design Incentives Program. Falcon Waterfree Technologies is piloting a new program open to school districts that will save 40,000 gallons of water per year for every flush urinal replaced.


If you have any questions regarding green design please call us today. (415) 202-9840. If one of our in house experts can not answer your question we will find somebody who can.